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Flint Local Movers

When moving locally, it is easy to believe that this type of move will be a walk in the park. Luckily, when you partner with Corrigan Moving, it will be! We consistently learn from our friends and family who misjudged the intricacy of their local move. While moving locally certainly is more straightforward than a long-distance move, there are still just as many aspects that need to be accomplished without blemish. Your belongings still need to be packed up, loaded onto a van cautiously, transported and delivered into your new house. Though it may be a short drive down the street, pausing to ensure your items are moved professionally and carefully is why our neighbors call us. At Corrigan Moving, we combine over 1929 years of history with trained specialists, all with the goal of ensuring a worry-free relocation for our customers. Reach out for a free moving estimate and feel open to discuss your requirements with our moving consultant.

Corrigan Moving will put a knowledgeable and qualified crew at your convenience

As the biggest moving company headquartered in Michigan, we have more commitment toward our customers. Corrigan Moving is a moving professional with ties that go back as far as 1929. From that time on, we have made it our passion to offer our customers with the best moving services. To completely help you have the kind of move that you expect, we have committed to selecting the right employees for the job.

Each of our local movers in Flint are expected to display certain personal qualities, such as punctuality, dedication, and a commitment to always do the right thing. Finding these types of individuals is simply step one. The second step is giving them all the tools necessary for a successful relocation of your belongings.

Instead of gaining skills through on-the-job training and potentially breaking your belongings in the process, our movers gain their moving skills before entering your house. Corrigan Moving has built a complete apartment that acts as basic training for our moving staff. After successfully passing a background check, our new movers will spend multiple days learning all the details of the business. That is why we keep receiving the high customer satisfaction rate that we expect of our family business.

Limit annoyances and maximize productivity with our local movers in Flint

From your first discussion with Corrigan Moving, you’ll know why we’re unique from other local movers. We aren’t a labor service. We do things the right way. This includes visually surveying your items, understanding the access of your house and determining the best plan for success. Always doing thing the right way can need additional time initially, but when your move crew arrives with all the plan and equipment they require to quickly and carefully handle your move. We do not believe in move day surprises, that’s why we take the time to plan for your requirements and household goods before the crew parks in front of your home. With Corrigan Moving on your team, you get to172 work with a team that will make your move as easy as ABC.

We will begin by connecting you with a personal moving consultant. After a one-on-one discussion, you will be more knowledgeable about our duties and responsibilities, alongside yours. Furthermore, it's at this point that we can create for you with a correct moving quote that comes with no commitments. You can make changes to craft the quote to your moving budget while we craft your moving experience.

At Corrigan Moving, we most respect your time. That is why you will encounter our specialists working meticulously and swiftly, all while paying attention to every move we make. We know that a efficient move must work arm-in-arm with the secure shipping of your household goods. Trust that our movers will provide for your needs with the care of your household goods as our main priority.

Trust that your local movers near you will treat your move as a personal process

While we might have over 90 years of history under our belt, we will not handle two moving endeavors that were exactly identical. Every local move comes with unique challenges and situations. And because our local moving crew wants you to get the top service, we always go the extra mile to ensure it happen. That’s why crafting an individual moving plan is our first step.

After our in-home or virtual survey, we craft our moving plans based on our specialist assessment of your relocation needs. It is our primary assignment to take every detail into account, crafting the best foundation for what's coming. In the end, there's a lot that can be completed with a personalized moving plan. A game plan crafted this way will focus on noticing any issues and we will prevent them before they occur.

Count on our top-tier household moving assistance

Corrigan Moving has many branch locations and services available beyond local moving. Although we have warehouses in many states, we are still owned and operated by the founding family. No matter the situation of your move and the uniqueness of your relocation, you will be certain that we will provide you with the right level of moving assistance you require. It's with that in mind that we have put together our range of moving services which include:


Confidence, integrity, expertise - these are the core tenets that our moving company facilitates. Having tried and tested moving experts at the front of your relocation is one step in the right direction.

Turn your Flint local relocation into a efficient one with Corrigan Moving

Your local relocation has all the possibility of being a successful project. However, it’s up to you to hire the moving company to see to it that it happens. You can spend your days Googling for 'local movers near me', or you can contact us. Corrigan Moving will utilize all of our moving industry know-how to provide you with an experience worth remembering.

Begin researching your stress-free move with our resource library

Peruse through our curated collection of resource articles put together to assist with your move planning. Our Moving Tools include packing instructional videos, moving checklists, and important paperwork.

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