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Corrigan Moving has had the advantage of partnering with a multitude of instructional facilities. We’ve assisted public and private schools at the local level, as well as relocating higher education buildings and divisions for our countries most prestigious colleges and universities. We realize the multi-faceted challenges that surround institutional learning and the burdens placed on our nation’s administrators of every level.

The details involved in moving a school or university can be as challenging as the lessons taught. Our knowledgeable relocation teams specialize in the diversified relocation requirements of school systems. Whether your school or university is anticipating a new build, renovations or is just relocating classrooms, laboratories or administrative offices, Corrigan is highly suggested by the area’s best regarded school systems in addition to many of the most respected colleges and universities across the United States.

School Movers

Although balanced calendars are getting more widely acknowledged, regularly, we collaborate with educational facilities with strict project timelines happening mostly between the months of June and September. We partake routinely in various local school relocations of virtually every difficulty and size. Though the vast majority of local school moving requires our crew to be on-site to relocate furniture and tools to and from short-term warehouse facilities during larger construction jobs, Corrigan is also capable of providing solutions to recently built facilities.


A Typical School Move: The Evaluation

During the move out stage of a project, our crew of educated professionals is generally responsible for coordinating the disassembly of furniture, packing equipment and relocating items to a secure storage location. And, regardless of its presumably straight forward procedure, there is a multitude of specifics that must be planned for prior to relocating a school.

To start, and for proper organizing, an overall project assessment needs to take place. During this process, a commercial relocation expert from the Corrigan team will usually conduct a “walk through” of the facility or buildings involved. He or she will accumulate information related to the size and scope of the school moving project, including the whereabouts of all items to be moved. Based on the actual job itself, this could be a series of classrooms, offices or departments.

While the general space is evaluated, our commercial relocation team of professionals will also be inventorying furniture and equipment included as part of the move. They’ll be asking questions, like if any furniture will be needing disassembly and reassembly as a portion of this project. If disassembly is required, for cubicles or other commercial systems, our professionals will also need to know if there is any reconfiguration scheduled for reassembling. In the case of cubicles, the panels will be reassembled as they initially fit the area. Throughout this walk-through process, technology such as computer systems, monitors, media and other articles will be noted. Our moving professional will be considering any disconnect and reconnection services necessary as well as the experience required for each component of technology being moved. In the event of moving science laboratories, or technology labs, our experts will be absolutely cautious to items needing unique care and handling, valuable equipment as well as any samples or regulated materials being relocated.

While our moving expert works to document the tangible pieces needing to be moved, he or she will also be determining additional, and potentially not so obvious needs of the project. When partnering with Corrigan, as well as any skilled craftsman, there’s a built-in sense of expertise that inherently addresses the out-of-sight and often forgotten essentials non-experts lack. Our crew of trained moving and storage professionals are educated to establish the volume of furniture in relation any storage requirements, building protection, in addition to critical entry spots for an added layer of protection. We’ll be determining packing materials and supplies for example how many totes, stickers and cartons are needed, as well as dollies and speed packs required. In addition, our commercial relocation professional will decipher the number of crew members necessary, and time necessary to swiftly fulfill the demands of each specific project.

Once the details of the project are known, Corrigan’s moving professional is able to compile the specifics and establish a cost estimate for the project.


School Moving: Phase I, Move Out

After the task of making sure all particulars are covered, it’s time for Corrigan’s relocation crew to join and literally do the heavy-lifting. We can boast, without a doubt, Corrigan’s movers are some of the most experienced and well-trained movers the field has to offer. With our company managed, hands-on instructional locations and corporate instructor, our moving teams are the best in the business.

Supplied with the information and details noted from the first project walk-through, our moving crew will be prepared to do the tasks necessary and keep the project on track. During the primary move out process, our team will be certain the property is correctly protected, including securing all door jams, walls and floors in traveled locations. We will clearly tag each spot and the belongings being transferred, complete any required packing as well as properly disassemble and box up any pieces demanding our crew’s attention. Our team will appear on-time, with the correct tools to guarantee all timelines are met.

After our relocation team has carefully packed all items, they will be placed into interim storage, either on-site or, within Corrigan’s supervised warehouse as determined by the school’s administration. There they will stay secured until any required construction projects have been finished by other vendors.


School Moving: Phase II

Though Phase II of the move process for many schools is reserved, Corrigan understands this is a speculative schedule hinging on all other vendor work is finished. Assuming there are no interruptions in the construction stage of the project, Corrigan will assume phase II at the first planned scheduled day and time.

Basically this phase of the school moving project is opposite of phase I. Our team will again make sure the building and facilities are properly protected, protecting all traveled locations, including door jams, elevator entrances, walls and flooring. Items will be delivered out of storage and transferred to their appropriately labeled area. Our moving team will work to put together any furniture, before setting up technology and devices.

Once pieces are efficiently delivered to their proper spot, and all reconnection services have been accomplished, our crew will conduct one final walk through with assigned school representatives to ensure that all tasks have been appropriately finished to the top degree Corrigan is known for.


Reach out to Us for Your Impending School or University Move

When moving instructional facilities, Corrigan is your premier choice. We recognize that each school and college we collaborate with has its own unique difficulties. Whether its new construction, timelines or budget, Corrigan has the expertise and knowledge to deliver the unparalleled relocation services you’ve come to trust. Reach out to our team of commercial relocation experts to learn more about our solutions and to receive a budget evaluation for your impending school relocation.

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