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As one of America’s premier corporate relocation companies, Corrigan Moving understands the value of being an experienced corporate relocation mover and how we can save you and your workforce time and money. Corrigan Moving knows that corporate relocation is just one of your varied responsibilities. As your corporate relocation teammate, we will improve your relocation program while providing quality corporate relocation services for all of your relocation employees. We know the importance to having transferees and their families at their new home efficiently, within budget, on task and ready to get to work on their new role. Working with an experienced corporate relocation mover is an essential asset in ensuring your corporate relocation moves are efficient and orderly – that’s our expertise at Corrigan Moving.


Employee Relocation Partner

It is important to have a systematic corporate relocation program detailing the moving benefits provided to your workforce, even if your company  only relocates a few people each year. With Corrigan Moving as your preferred moving and storage partner, your business will enhance employee benefits while also saving your business time and money. Our expertly qualified team of account representatives, move coordinators, van operators and movers become an extension of your human resources workforce by understanding your relocation program and executing the program details while providing top-tier services to your employees. We work side-by-side with your transferees, from the time of initial briefing through the in-home or virtual survey and until unpacking of the last box. Our staff provide the top-tier service and custom touch needed for your new employees and transferees to get down to business as soon as they arrive.


Corporate Relocation Benefits

A well-designed corporate relocation benefit program is essential when recruiting the perfect person for the role. Regardless if your business relocates a small or large quantity of employees annually, partnering with Corrigan Moving allows you to have access to a successful team of moving professionals and the most unmatched services in the industry. Our national account partners benefit from:

No-hassle discounts and service agreements

Long gone are the days of needlessly complicated, and elaborate service agreements that spend days with legal. Our concise, straight-forward|direct service agreement speaks to the needed details without compromising precious days, allowing you to swiftly move to the next item on your task list.

Domestic and international relocation solutions

Corrigan Moving specializes in both domestic and international household goods relocations. You’ll benefit by having a single point of contact and streamlined processes for all your corporate relocations.

Customized moving services

We are dedicated to our corporate partners and will give you the most accommodating advantages and solution options within the moving industry. No matter if your moving package provides for lump sum benefits or full-service relocations, Corrigan Moving has the internal services to help you.

Quality service

Our longevity speaks for itself. Having been honored with the highest recognition honors within the United Van Lines cooperative, Corrigan Moving is consistently recognized for the quality solutions available. Our individual offices, staff, van operators, and business in its entirety have all earned recognition.

Customized and clear reporting

As an extension of your HR team, we will work personally with you to figure out your reporting expectations. Corporate relocation moving partners benefit from customized reporting, including clear dashboards, complete move detail, and straightforward solutions. Cost projections and understanding your relocation program is simpler when working with Corrigan Moving.

Our corporate relocation partners attest that collaborating with Corrigan Moving is easy. With corporate relocation being just a small piece of HR’s extensive job responsibilities, we know the stresses you are under and collaborate not just with you but for you to provide a comprehensive and quality-driven relocation package.

Having employees and their families settled into their new home on time, within budget, concentrated and prepared work on the new role is our primary concern. Corrigan Moving’s staff of specialists will work with your transferees and, under the direction of their corporate relocation program, customize a relocation to meet their specific requirements. Providing moving services for over 90 years, Corrigan Moving has the tools and means to meet every one of transferee requirements.

Corrigan Moving’s dedication to provide quality corporate relocation services is unparalleled in the business and has earned the highest awards presented by United. Corrigan Moving is included in an elite group of moving companies countrywide passionate about continual training. Through our company training location, Corrigan Academy, employees receive practical and hands-on training.


Flint Corporate Relocation Employee Benefits

As your corporate relocation partner, your staff and new hires will realize direct benefits of moving with one of the country’s top moving companies. Our expertise and reliability mean your personal home items will be delivered to their new location on-time and within budget, allowing employees to be relaxed and anticipate the new job. 

Flexible in-home and virtual move surveys

A relocation consultant will work to coordinate either an in-person or virtual move survey at a time and day that works best in their schedule. After the survey is finished, the employee will be given an accurate move quote based on their individual expectations.

Personal Move Coordinator

Upon submission of the move, a corporate relocation move coordinator will reach out to each employee and support them throughout their relocation. Corrigan Moving’s coordinators work personally with your employees to effectively utilize their relocation budget and consider all of their moving requirements.

Recognized van operators

Our crew leaders are the best in the industry. Only top-tiered crew leaders are assigned to corporate relocation moves.

Prioritized pickup and delivery

Specific day requirements for loading and delivery are available for corporate relocations. Achieving higher than industry averages, Corrigan Moving continuously follows through on on-time pickup and delivery dates.

Knowledgeable and certified moving crews

Through the Corrigan Academy, Corrigan Moving’s comprehensive training facility, our Corporate Trainer is in charge of training all new employees. New staff are equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide the highest quality services out there during each and every move].

Home protection services

Transferee houses are protected fully by our moving professionals at both origin and destination. From door jams, railings and floors, Corrigan Moving’s team goes the extra mile to prevent any possibility of damage.

Reach out today for additional consultation and specifics on the best corporate relocation moving services Flint offers. We know you’ll be impressed!

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