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Undergoing a relocation is a significant undertaking. Whether you are moving around the corner or to another state, there are a lot of matters to factor in. Traditionally, relocations are mistakenly considered to be stressful and undoubtedly challenging endeavors. But they don’t need to be when you’ve the right team of movers by your side. At Corrigan, Lapeer, we take a tremendous amount of pride in our craft and our capability to maintain seamless, stress-free moves for our customers. When it comes to moving companies in Lapeer, you will be hard-pressed to find a mover that is able to rival our moving expertise and capabilities. When you are wanting to make your relocation as uncomplicated as possible, all you must really do is contact Corrigan Moving of Lapeer today!

Who are we?

Corrigan Moving was established all the way back in 1929. We are closing into 90 years of service. What started as a modest operation from a garage and a few ice-delivery trucks in the time of the Great Depression has evolved into is the largest moving company in Michigan. We’ve perfected our craft through time and have obtained the required tools to service virtually any relocation task. If you need to move oversized materials internationally or relocate your home or office, you can trust Corrigan Lapeer to handle the move exactly as agreed to.

For 90 years, we’ve been committed to always doing the right thing by our customers, in spite of anything else. This is obvious in all the supportive customer surveys we have gained . Founder, Frank "the Chief" Corrigan, understood that the company needed to have a compelling role in the development of our local community. This approach is continued by the Corrigan family, delivering exceptional moving services and engaging in charity projects.


Our team of movers

Corrigan Moving's team selection path is intentionally strict. We coach our people to the loftiest moving standards. We essentially decide the standard, to be exact. Our approach is under no circumstances facilitate "on-the-job-training", as that is generally not a good idea from a customer perspective. We coach our movers in-house, at our headquarters training facilities in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Moving crews learn how to accurately pack, how to move oversized items without any issues, in addition to many more helpful moving skills. Training is not complete until the employee is completely up to our first-class principles.

The principle element of why we are so particular is we believe moving to be an art. That said our team of movers have acquired the vital skills and know-how before they get to your home. While this is not the most cost-efficient way of doing business, it is the only way of doing things right for our customers. At Corrigan Moving, we are fully committed to providing the most value to our customer.

But technique and teaching can only get you so far. Our moving team is also full of understanding. They appreciate your belongings like they were their own and will see that they are delivered damage-free and on-time. The Chief's code is very simple, after all. Always do the right thing.


Moving services Lapeer knows and trusts

When you are planning a move, you will benefit from having access to a variety of moving choices. Therefore, you need to hire a mover that provides a moving solution for any project. At Corrigan Moving, we divide our services into household goods moving and commercial moving services. We offer:


Home Moving Services

  • Local moving - If you are wanting to relocate within Lapeer or in the surrounding area, our local moving services are available to prepare you with the best combination of quality and affordability.
  • Long-distance moving – This suite of services includes helping with building and tailoring an incomparable moving plan, as well as strengthening your moving finances.
  • International moving – Our team will assist you with all the info you may require regarding international relocations, no investigating is necessary on your part. Of course, we will also oversee the safe and timely arrival of your belongings.
  • Automobile shipping - We have a line of built-in lift gate trailers, driven by experienced drivers. Our team will get your wheels safely to a new destination, without a worry.
  • Storage services – When you’re needing the maximum protection for your goods while you are away, you can always store them in our secure storage facility.


Business and Commercial Moving Solutions

  • Office relocation - We approach office relocations with complete security, hustle, and preparation. Plan on any business suspension to be reduced when partnering with Corrigan Moving of Lapeer.
  • Employee relocation - Our experience in relocation will allow your employees to concentrate on their everyday tasks while we administer all the moving details.
  • Military moving - Corrigan Moving's GSA Quality Management Team is capable of handling any GSA business with absolute confidentiality, along with the highest degree of professional care and integrity.
  • Logistics - Our highly-regarded logistics services is certain to make all the difference when handling complex logistics assignments.
  • Library relocations - Corrigan Moving Flint has thorough knowledge when it comes to relocating libraries and equipment. Our moving team will keep items in order from start to finish, eliminating unplanned tasks from being brought upon the team.
  • Medical Centers and Laboratories – We provide services for relocating any medical components such as MRI machines, freezers, dialysis machines as well as any other specialized equipment.
  • Warehousing and Distribution – We have a proprietary web-based warehouse asset management system available. This online tool can be personalized to fulfill the needs of any organization and provide them with insightful product insight.

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As you can see, when it comes to moving and storage companies Lapeer has to offer, your #1 choice is Corrigan Moving of Lapeer. We may not be the cheapest company in the market, at the same time we do offer the highest value for your money. Get a free moving estimate today and experience the difference what makes Corrigan Moving the best moving company in Lapeer!

No matter where you are, or where you are moving, Corrigan Moving’s Great Lakes locations will move you wherever you want to go in the world.

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