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Planning to relocate from (or to) Holly Michigan, without any headaches at all? Then, all that’s needed is securing a distinguished moving company that is up to date with the locality in its entirety. Corrigan Moving is the best moving company Holly has. We maintain extensive options to our customers, at reasonable fees. The one thing that really makes us different is our years of service, unmatched expertise, and a commitment of always doing the right thing, no matter what any circumstances.

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Corrigan Moving is headquartered in Farmington Hills, Michigan. With the ability to provide moving solutions across the US, the Midwest is where our advantages lie. We have handled an endless number of moves in Flint for more than 93 years of business. Believe in our team of movers to always know the best planned and safest roads, in addition to how to handle the particulars of the area. We would say that Flint is our "neighborhood". Our team of movers will always search out an ideal parking spot, along with relocating your items in the most practical and safest manner possible.

By selecting Corrigan as your ideal Flint moving company, you will gain from expert, kindhearted movers. We believe moving to a craft, we school all our employees on-site at our headquarters training facility. We do not subscribe to "on-the-job training" because this highly goes against our mission - to always do right. This is something about us that makes us stand apart from every single mover in the state.


Our Moving Services

In the event you’re planning to relocate across the street, to a different town, another state, or even a completely new continent, you can depend on Corrigan Moving Michigan. We administer an array of moving services to satisfy each particular moving task. Our team will help you move a home, an office, along with specialized medical hardware and heavy machines. Regardless of what your relocation requirements may be, you can count on Corrigan to be ready to address them head-on. We separate our services into residential moving and commercial moving.

Here's what you can count on from Corrigan Moving:

Residential Moving Services in Holly

We can provide:

Along with:

Each particular moving "bundle" listed above includes a number of particular moving services. Our team is incessantly open to tailoring your relocation services by giving you the precise services you’ll call for and that is it. It’s what doing the right thing is. Our team of trained professionals will consult with you to calculate the most reasonable way to relocate your home, and give you alternative services for ease. And since we know the area by heart, you can be sure that our experts will do the job right.

Our local moves are very efficient, as a result of the amount of familiarity we have in the community. With regards to long-distance moving, our team will support you in creating the ideal moving plan and make the most of your moving resources. Assuming you are looking to relocate to another country, you’ll be glad to know we will furnish you with all of the essential information along with facilitating the relocation of your goods. You won’t need to take the time doing research, as we have already done the work for you!

Commercial Moving Services

Corrigan has the ability to facilitate any commercial relocation type, for instance:

Along with providing the following commercial services:

As you can tell, this is a sound range of services. After all when you have been in an industry for greater than 90 years, you get to specialize in just about every type of relocation. Our team has the essential training, expertise, and resources to ensure a intact and systematic relocation process, allowing you to continue your job in the quickest amount of time practical. But it is our experience with these relocation types that makes all of the the difference. Throughout the years, we have aligned our craft and are now capable of joining safety and efficiency into a superior combination.

Logistics services are provided by Corrigan Logistics, a valued, full-service logistics operation. We can provide inclusive project management for technical products, high-profile events, and unique projects despite their challenges. We take pride in accommodating your delivery schedules, protecting your inventory, along with sharing the details. If you are looking to expand from Flint to new areas and require a highly respected partner, look no further than Corrigan Moving.

Hire the best movers Flint has to offer!

Always be sure to work with the top movers available. When it comes to Flint, as well as the entire state of Michigan, there's a simple choice – Corrigan Moving. Let's recap:

  • Over 90 years of moving experience.
  • Headquarters in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Moving services to serve any relocation requirement.
  • Well versed, thoughtful, moving teams.
  • Award-winning logistics and warehousing provider.
  • Always does the right thing.

Trust in Corrigan Moving. The best moving company Flint has to offer, contact us now for a seamless, smooth, relocation!

No matter where you are, or where you are moving, Corrigan Moving’s Great Lakes locations will move you wherever you want to go in the world.

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