Flint Installation Services

When you are relocating a house or a business, there will always be heavy and substantial furniture to move. This is why you want to hire a moving company that offers furniture installation services. You also need your mover to have extensive experience, a profound background, and a top experienced staff. Corrigan Moving fulfills all these qualifications and many more.

With our help, you won’t need to be anxious about your furniture installation and assembly, as our crews will do it for you . Receive a free estimate today and initiate your relocation in the finest possible way!

Furniture installation simplified

Though our installation solutions are obtainable to any relocation category, it’s office relocations that prosper most from them. There is a lot that goes into office moves, after all. You want a company to help you simplify packing, storage, disassembly, and reassembly at your new space. Corrigan Moving can do all these services for you, guaranteeing that you can commence doing business in the least amount of time. Our professionals will provide you with the satisfaction that goes with knowing that your new premises will be assembled the correct way, the first time. This will remove much of the anxiety that comes with moving to a new location and deliver you with the needed aid to return to business.

Here's what you can anticipate from our installation & disassembly solutions:

  • Full project management, door-to-door service
  • Professional guidance for future floor plans
  • Unloading and reassembly

We fully understand that each relocation is unique. That’s why our crews will partner with you to build the finest possible moving plan, empowering you to decrease the time it takes for you to begin conducting business again.

Unparalleled education and experience

Our organization traces its roots far back to 1929 when our founder Frank The Chief Corrigan began helping individuals relocate. Back in those days, all we had were a handful of ice delivery trucks, great ambition, and unwavering values. Though we have grown past the ice delivery trucks long ago, our values and ambition to be the best movers in the United States stayed. Our founder entrusted us with a standard principle: Always do the right thing! and we maintain it to this day.

In our nearly century of business, we have discovered nearly everything that the moving industry has to offer. We have managed all types of relocations, simple and big, to the full satisfaction of our clients. However our expertise is only one part of what creates Corrigan Moving a pillar in the relocation industry. The main reason why we’ve won a multitude of relocation accolades has to do with how we educate our crews.

When you hire us to assist you with furniture installation, you are receiving an extremely trained team. We train our relocation staff in-house and have created a specialized training space for the reason. It is our view that you absolutely cannot do the right thing if you don't know how to manage it in the first place. That’s why, prior to any one of our movers gets close to any systems furniture section that belongs to our customers, they will already have taken apart and assembled dozens of comparable items. This training and experience allows our crews to be extremely efficient in what they accomplish. Also, it increases the safety of your furniture pieces, which is what legitimate relocation entails.

Moving solutions for any situation

You can get our furniture installation solutions as a portion of a home or business moving package, or individually. The crucial piece is that you have access to nearly any relocation service if you need it. Depending on the move type, you may want to look into business relocation solutions to enhance your furniture installation. Regardless of what your relocation needs, you can trust Corrigan Moving to help you with it. Here are a few of the services that we can supply for you:

At Corrigan Moving, we are proud of being ready to supply a offering for any relocation, regardless of the breadth, scale, or challenge. Our "backyard" is the state of Michigan, but we can deliver moving solutions across the world. With our network, familiarity, expertise, and comprehension, there is no move that we can’t handle!

We also know that every move is unique, which is why our planning professionals will partner closely with you to construct a strategy that fulfills your needs . You will have work with the best professionals in the business, professionals that can provide you with experiences that can reduce your relocation costs, help you begin business quicker, and much more.

Move without any problems with Corrigan Moving!

If you are looking for a moving business to handle furniture installation for you, a business that you can call on for any relocation service, one that has almost a century of experience in the moving industry and educates their staff the best, there is only one answer: Corrigan Moving. We will help you achieve a smooth, stress-free, systematic move process. Call us today and discover why we’re respected as the finest service for your furniture installation needs!

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