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In the ever-changing and evolving business world, time management and planning are two key characteristics that lead to reward. Business relocation is just the same, as it involves efficient handling of moving tasks while working on a specific timetable. At Corrigan Moving we have 93 years of commitment to commercial moving. We have successfully relocated companies in different sectors, industry-related equipment, and government organizations. Contact us to gain important specifics into the particulars of what our commercial movers in Flint can do for your approaching commercial move. It will be our priority to give you with a moving estimate that tackles each of your requirements.

Commercial moving in Flint streamlined with Corrigan Moving

When you are faced with relocating your company to a different location in a short timeframe, Corrigan Moving can assure you that the entire plan is uninterrupted and efficient. We have valuable experience with the move of different industries of companies. We can provide assistance with:

In our rich experience, that accounts for over 90 years in the business, we have successfully completed many of different moves. Our Flint commercial movers have relocated heavy machinery, industry-related equipment, and worked within interesting project plans. We have full certainty that we will be able to find a tailor-made solution for each of your commercial moving needs. Bear in mind that Corrigan Moving can handle jobs both big and small. When it comes to commercial relocating, even the presumably straightforward tasks require pre-planning, but our dedicated crew of commercial moving specialists know how to overcome all of it.


Diminish downtime in workflow with our team in charge

The main apprehension all business owners fear when undertaking a commercial move is business stoppage. Relocating just your office or a whole facility to a new space is will cause some downtime for your organization. Our commercial movers in Flint will ensure that the time that your business spends disrupted is decreased to a minimum. We will make sure you get back to your regular business processes, and all our efforts will be fixated on that objective.

Corrigan Moving has hired seasoned moving specialists who love what they do. With our team, you get peace of mind knowing that all the movers working on your property have been trained in our own training center. Every new hire that joins our company will spend time learning all the ins and outs of the commercial moving business. Of course, specialized moving teams get advanced training, as we play it safe when it comes to the protection of your items. As an organization that got started in 1929, we realize that we have a high bar to uphold. That is why we continually invest time into the skills and knowledge of our moving specialists.


We craft personalized commercial moving plans for all of our customers

We focus on creating a completely bespoke moving plan for your commercial relocation. Our group of project managers will arrive at your business and, with your collaboration, determine the needs of your relocation. Once we fully gain the information into your moving requirements, we will create a customized moving plan. That plan has a particular purpose - it ensures everyone involved in the process to collaborate in unison.

Remember that a customized moving plan is essential in all of our solutions. If you want to have a unique moving plan, begin by seeking a no-cost quote from us. Our professionals will calculate an accurate price, preventing any unexpected moving-day revelations.


Corrigan Moving is qualified in a variety of sectors

Our commercial moving services are only the starting point when discussing the commercial industries we specialize in. Now, Corrigan Moving’s clients can get the essential services within these sectors:

All of our specialized industry services have something in common - they come with enthusiastic and consistent teams. Our tailored moving services are intended to be solutions to your personalized moving requisites. We strive to maintain continuously available communication with all of our clients, as that is the best way to avoid any issues that come up because of miscommunication.


Experience an efficient commercial move by starting here

No matter if you’re moving on quick notice or have plenty of time to dedicate to moving preparation, you ought to contact us. Corrigan Moving has been in the industry since 1929. Our expertise with commercial moving plans of many unique types is what allows us to craft the perfect scope of work. Our team will initiate service by putting together accurate pricing, after which you can book your moving timeline with us.

No matter where you are, or where you are moving, Corrigan Moving’s Great Lakes locations will move you wherever you want to go in the world.

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