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Moving even a simple library can be a very complex and intricate process. Sustaining Dewey Decimal principles during the relocation is essential for a methodical and efficient delivery. Books have additional worth than what their monetary worth might indicate, a certainty that Corrigan Moving is fully conscious of. Our library movers are there to safely relocate your complete collection to the new space, regardless of the size, complexity, or scope of the project. Reach out to us today and receive a free estimate to begin!

A century of moving expertise at your fingertips

Corrigan Moving opened its business to the public all the way back in 1929. At the business’ creation, our patriarch Frank The Chief Corrigan charged us with a simple, yet strong mantra: Always do the right thing. This value guided us from a modest garage we began in to turning into the largest moving business in the Midwest. Today, we are equipped in handling any move, no matter its kind and scope.

When we began focusing in library relocations, we found the need for a company that can complete tasks in a simple, quick, and attentive approach. Our library movers are qualified in creating unique, personalized relocation strategies, ensuring that your desires are always achieved. That is what doing the right thing requires. Each library is different and requires a custom approach when it comes to relocating it. Our library moving services are totally scalable. Each client of Corrigan Moving gets exactly what they want.

With the assets at our fingertips, we can facilitate library moves around the U.S. and also throughout the globe. Regardless if you must relocate a local library to a different building or a large research library to a different country, you can rely on us to make it simpler for you.


Rare collections moves

When your library includes unique collection items, relocating them is a project that must be done with maximum care. Each of the delicate pieces demand special oversight and experienced hands. Moreover, the vulnerable nature of these items usually demands specified humidity and climate settings. In other words, you need a library moving company that has all the needed resources.

When you partner with Corrigan Moving, you get all those assets in one solution. You will not be required to employ numerous moving partners and confuse things even further. We can truly manage all your needs and details head-on. Planning a move can be an occasion that you enjoy. Our staff are all highly knowledgeable experts, with extensive experience in moving expensive pieces. The business policy is to not employ any day laborers or contract out our relocation projects: it’s the only way we can trust we do right by our customers.


Deinstallation, transportation, and installation

Despite handling all the difficult logistics, our library movers can help you with all the required tasks that a library move entails. This consists of deinstallation of the library's shelving units, as well as moving furniture, technology equipment, and the rest of the infrastructure. In other words, our crews will be with you until your new premises are completely prepared to receive the books and restart business operations. We can manage these moves anywhere in the United States or globally. For global transports, we have an extensive network of top caliber partners that aid with parts of the process.

Of course, the books themselves will be kept fully organized during the move, until the time arrives for them to be put back on the shelves, in the same sequence.


Your established experts

Should this be the first time you're facing a library move, there will be many unknowns. You might require someone to instruct you on how to proceed, and how to make the most from the relocation. With Corrigan Moving managing your relocation, you will always have access to exceptional knowledge and advice. We will guide you throughout the planning process, execution, as well as authentication. Our experts will help you create an audit trail for your documentation, move your articles with caution and protection, and help you attain a smooth and orderly relocation.

Moving books, racking, and technological equipment are only one portion of a library move. If you also want to relocate offices, we can assist with that, too!


More Moving Solutions

As an all encompassing relocation company, we provide business services. We want to be your "one-stop-shop" whenever you are planning a moving project. Below is what we can currently deliver:

Previously, you would have had to hire various relocation companies to facilitate all these services. However with Corrigan Moving, you don't need to. We can assist you with every sort of transportation project, no matter how difficult, complex, or complex it may be.

If you have a more specific concern, share it with us! We are continually improving the breadth and variety of our solutions, all to move us a step further to our ideal of always doing the right thing for our customers. When you come to Corrigan Moving with a transportation undertaking, concern, or problem, you can know it is looked after in the finest possible approach.

If you are looking for accomplished, accomplished, and thoughtful library movers, all you should do is give Corrigan Moving a call. We will help you arrange, manage, and accomplish a relocation process you will be completely happy with. Reach out to us today and reserve your smooth library relocation!

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