May 18, 2022

What You Will Be Handling on Load Day


Load day has at last come to fruition! You’ve spent a lot of time readying for this occasion, and if you took the time to select a quality moving company, today will be a happy occasion. The movers will manage all the heavy lifting from here.

On relocation day it is finally time to finish planning and start carrying out. In case you have missed any of the preceding parts of this series, you can catch up by following the links below:

Take care of your stuff - and yourself!

It is always worthwhile to get a terrific night’s sleep the night before moving day —and don’t forget to eat a substantial breakfast. It’s sure to be a hectic day, and you’ll just feel better throughout the day if you are well rested and well fed. You’ll be happy you did!

On move day, it’s important to be on hand during the relocation. When your crew members get there, give them a brief walk through of your home, showing any delicate pieces in need of extra protection as well as any objects you don’t need the crew to handle. This will permit them to get an idea for the space and your objectives.

We suggest having your favorite book or magazine chosen for relocation day. It is crucial for you to be present throughout the day in the event any of the crew members have questions, but once the crew members get to it you’ll have some idle time on your plate. Since your TV and computers will all be boxed up, you will want to be sure you have plans to keep you entertained.

Attention to detail

After the tour, the crew will begin laying down floor coverings. If you are moving interstate, your crew chief will start constructing a meticulous inventory list of each piece you are moving, and their state at origin. This inventory will be used to verify each piece delivers at your new home in the same quality as it departed your current home.

When the crew members are all done, it’s imperative to go through the home one last time with the driver and check that everything has been loaded. Be sure to peak in all the closets, cabinets, and storage areas for any overlooked belongings. When everything is out of the home, you’ll sit down with the driver and sign all of the relocation documents.

One last look

After the movers leave, finish your relocation day by walking through your house one final time to double-check that the windows are all closed, the lights are all turned off, and your water and furnace are shut off. Say your farewells to your home – it supported you well, but you have a new home waiting for you!

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